We can LOOK in the same DIRECTION of our Partners, always suggesting new and ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS

Denikon operates as companies’ consultant for the commercialization of raw materials “Commodities”, the development of projects in the field of renewable energies, the start-up and operation of industrial activities, the research and development and consultancy activity in general.

Within the Commodities field, Denikon has consolidated important connections with companies operating therein, such as buyers and sellers for the commercialization of raw materials.

As for renewable energies, Denikon Team has successfully carried out, both in Italy and abroad, many important industrial projects in the photovoltaic chain as well as the installation of major plants for the production of energy with the employment of various technologies for the exploitation of renewable energies.

Within the industrial activities field Denikon Team can lay claim to a remarkable series of achievements in the start up of activities in various sectors.

Research and development is very important to Denikon who always pays a lot of attention to select innovative and highly technological projects to be carried out.

Denikon plays an important role in the selected projects, both under the technological aspect and the decision making system as their supporter and promoter.

Denikon activities, by the creation and fulfillment of industrial projects, contribute to the employment and economic development of the countries in which such activities are conducted.