When we are asked in what consists Denikon’s activity, we are highly tempted to point out our passion for working that we have developed throughout thirty years of operation by all of us. We are entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and researchers and we have conceived, developed and successfully fulfilled projects on International level in various commodity sector such as trading of raw materials, industrial and research and development.

The key intuition of the group has been to put together our expertise and professionalism through an alliance and synergy that allow us to always have the best answer/suggestion to offer to the market, drawing from these intellectual resources according to the type of project to be created, developed and fulfilled.
The significant background of the members of Denikon team can be appreciated in the results and achievements of the long-lasting and articulate activity. Denikon’s business model is in continuous evolution and it is the fundamental engine for the development of any project, thanks to the know-how acquired during the business experiences in which Denikon team has played the main role in all fulfilled projects.