The network  created  by Denikon to supply the most updated and cost effective technologies includes international experts and scientists active in the most promising technologies, so allowing  Denikon to offer to the Customers the state of art in each sector of renewable energies.  Synergic co-operations have been established with industrial companies  and with University Research Centers as well.

The co-operation within the Denikon’s  network has generated following Patents:

  • a new process for the production of metallurgical silicon to be employed in the Photovoltaic industry;
  • a new process for the crystallization of polycrystalline materials and equipment suited for it;
  • process for preparing photovoltaic modules based on crystalline silicon U.S. Patent n. 5504015 on Apr. 2, 1996;
  • method and apparatus for production of photovoltaic grade silicon;
  • method for patterned doping of a semiconductor.