Denikon’s strength is to be find in its Team made up of:

  • forward-thinking entrepreneurs who have conceived industrial activities, as forerunners of highly innovative products and technologies, thus contributing to the economic development on international level;

  • managers who, by their expertise, have led companies to the top level of success;

  • researchers internationally acknowledged who have taken part to the creation of new products and systems, the improvement of current technologies, thus contributing to the progress;

  • technicians who, by their skills and experience, have fulfilled the most articulated and complex projects.

Team skills are testified by the results and successes achieved in the start-up of industrial activities characterized by a strong research and development element, especially in the early phases.
The key qualities of Denikon Team are:

  • solidity of the collaboration lasting for over 20 years;

  • heterogeneity of trainings, experiences, skills and profiles of its members;

  • flexibility.

Such features allow the Team to look at and analyze projects from different perspectives, flowing into a sole strategic and shared solution.
Team members have experience and competence in the conduction of projects since their early phases and they can face very stressful moments as they are typical of these activities especially during their start up.